Blue Sallander

Sallander (aka 'Siamese' in satin breeds) is the chinchilla version of a tortoise. Sallander/Siamese is black in its most common form (as opposed to chocolate, blue, or lilac). The body is usually a gray or creamy light color. The points and extremities (nose, ears, feet, legs, and tail) are the base color (again, the most common is black). Dilutes (blue or lilac sallanders) may be lighter than their non dilute versions.

What about Sable Points? - If you're a little bit familiar with rabbit colors, you might have noticed that these guys bear a striking resemblence to a Sable Point! That's because Sable Point is very similar in appearance. However, the genetics behind a Sable Point are different from the genetics of a Sallander, so these are actually different colors. The C locus gene on these colors are different. Where Sallander is chinchilla (cchd), Sable Point is a genetically shaded color (cchl).

What about Satins? - Satin breeds like the Satin, Mini Satin, and Satin Angora are the only US breeds that are showable in the Sallander color, which has a special color name in these breeds: Siamese. Not to be confused with Siamese Sable, which is a different color (a full extension shaded). Siamese in Satins is, genetically, a chinchilla tortoise (aka sallander) and does NOT have the shaded gene!

Showing Siamese Satins - Official US shows prefer a sepia brown for the body color of Siamese Satins. Sallanders (if they had a standard to compare to) are developed with more of a white-ish color. This is another factor to consider when working with this unique color!